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Growers First works with impoverished farming communities to improve the quality of life, to improve conditions, to impart hope, to share faith, and to create positive sustainable change for this generation, and the next, and the next ....

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There are a lot of exciting things happening at Growers First, and we want to tell you all about it! Consider how you can participate in having a tremendous impact on impoverished farming communities in Central America. YOU can build something valuable in partnership with Growers First and truly change lives for generations to come, through your financial contributions and through joining us on a service trip. By the way, please stop by our Facebook page to see photos of many of our projects and more detailed information. Follow us!

Highlights of Current Projects:


  • Donated funds for 3 solar dryers for CDR coffee cooperative in Honduras, helped build 2 - August 2014
  • Developing plans for community gardens and tree nurseries in Oaxaca, Mexico - July 2014
  • Ongoing work with COCAAL and CDR coffee cooperatives, providing service, guidance, and input regarding agricultural training, connecting sellers with buyers, etc.


  • Working on research and development of micro-loan programs in both Honduras and Mexico, which will enable farmers to take out short term loans for fertilizer, seed, equipment, etc. Fertilizer is critical in controlling devestating molds such as La Roya.
  • Solar dryers donated will improve the quality of coffee, thereby allowing farmers to receive higher payment for coffee - August 2014 (with plans for more in the future) - August 2014
  • Began discussions with MesoAmerica Charity Rally to research the viability of developing a mechanics training program which would allow for ongoing mechanical maintenance of donated vehicles as well as job training for locals, Honduras - August 2014


  • Working closely with Transformemos Honduras (TH) to plan and execute the Coast to Coast bicycle ride in Honduras, raising funds for improving education in that country. The bike ride is scheduled for early January 2015. Let us know if you're interested in participating in the ride or in donating jerseys or funds for this great project!
  • GF arranged and assisted in leading three agricultural training sessions for coffee cooperatives - spring and summer 2014
  • Developing plans for additional agricultural training for farmers and primary education support for children.


  • Donated an ambulance for Santa Teresa Regional Hospital in Comayagua, Honduras (our 3rd ambulance donation). We worked closely with our partners at MesoAmerica Charity Rally, who put together a team to drive the ambulance from San Diego, CA to Honduras. July and August 2014
  • Developing plans with MesoAmerica Charity Rally for more road rallies resulting in vehicle donations to Honduras and Mexico.
  • Working with Aldea Global, we have coordinated donation and delivery of pharmacueticals to a remote medical clinic in Buena Esperanza serving surrounding communities with nearly 8,000 people. Two deliveries so far, totaling more than $3,000 worth of medicines and supplies - spring 2014 and July 2014
  • Donated 2 latrines with wash basin to school in Buena Esperanza that previously had no latrines - spring 2014
  • Donated 1 latrine with large pila (water reservoir and platform for washing dishes and clothes) to COCAAL farming family - August 2014
  • Clean water project for school in Buena Esperanza in development - August 2014 - September 2014
  • Purchased container of 540 wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission, shipped to Oaxaca, Mexico. Wheelchairs are being distributed via our partners in Oaxaca along with our Mexico staff - June 2014 - December 2014


  • We served at La Gran Fiesta 2014. This is a conference for pastors and community leaders in very remote regions of southern Mexico. Held annually on the Montero family ranch, it is three days of teaching by many pastors - this year, Growers First arranged to have Josh and Dottie McDowell speak! We are working with Josh McDowell Ministries and GAIN for contribution of supplies, and with Kreed Eyeware for donation of eyeglasses and sunglasses. In addition, we are bringing over 20 volunteers to serve in medical/dental clinics, eye clinic, and prayer clinics. - Novemberr 2014
  • Growers First team of volunteers and staff spent two days pouring concrete floor for a new church in El Coyul, Mexico, in support of the ministry of Pastor Damian Cruz
  • We continue to work with and support local pastors and churches in Mexico and Honduras for ministry to adults, as well as youth programs, such as VBS. We work closely with a number of American churches who provide support and service for the ministries in Honduras and Mexico.
  • Working in partnership with GAIN USA and Josh McDowell Ministries, a container full of humanitarian aid has been donated, and will be distributed to twelve need villages in the mountains of southern Mexico who have been severely hit by crop plague and drought. GF staff and volunteers will distribute goods DEC 2014

You can participate through your donation, and even by going on a service trip with us! Give a financial contribution on our web site "Donate" page and/or let us know if you're interested in participating on a service trip. Your contributions are tax deductible, as Growers First is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.







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